Cake Bliss 500g

Satin Fondant White 1kg

Satin Fondant White 1kg
Satin Fondant is a luxury range of ready to roll icing used for covering and decorating cakes with a vanilla flavour and aroma that provides a smooth finish which is easy to use and perfect for any cake.
R 45.00

Making Payments

Can I have your bank account details?

Account Name: Sweet Celebrations
Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 014 259 826
Branch: Menlyn
Branch Code: 012 345
Please use your order number as reference.

What methods of payment are available?

Credit Card and Instant EFT

We accept MasterCard and Visa, so you can go right ahead and get those cards warmed up, because they're good with us. Whether you're deeply in overdraft or frugally spending some of that year-end bonus you got back in oh-six: we don't care, as long as your card works.

How it works – Automatic EFT

How it works – Customer loaded EFT

EFT - that's an Electronic Funds Transfer to you. Do us a favour though: Get your bank to email us your confirmation of payment the same day you order. That makes the whole process fit into our favourite number of days: one.

Is this safe?

All transactions are handled by Payfast ( All information transferred throughout the payment process is secured with a 2048-bit encryption key over SSL.

That means that this information cannot be traced, intercepted or used by unauthorised third parties. Your credit card information will not be kept in our system.

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